My mission as a health and wellness coach is to get on a deeper level with you, to find out what you want, why you want it and what's been holding you back until now. 


Initial Nutrition Consultation

This is where I start off with all of my clients, consider this me getting to know you! We will focus on your personal health and fitness goals. I will first send you online forms and a diary to record your current diet and lifestyle habits. I will then create A Holistically Wholesome Package completely personalized to your dietary and lifestyle needs. 

- Initial consultation where we will discuss your personal dietary needs, eating patterns, health goals, any medical conditions, etc. 

- Consultation can be done locally, in-person or online via the phone and/or skype.

- A personalized plan containing dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to fit your personal needs, including recipes with ingredients specific to your plan, likes, dislikes and possible health condition.


Follow-Up Support Sessions

- This is for those of you who do not want to commit to monthly coaching but do still want to be assisted in the progression of your plan!

- I will track your progress and make any and all changes to your plan that I feel will benefit you.

- Can be done locally, in person or online via phone and/or Skype.

- I highly recommend doing a follow-up session every 3-4 weeks to touch base.


Monthly Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

- You choose based on your goals whether you want nutrition or fitness coaching or both.

- Personalized resistance training plan with progressions to increase strength, agility, endurance and flexibility.

- Cardio plan that fits your needs and goals.

- Nutritional plan (meal plan or macro based) personalized to fit your needs and goals.

- Weekly check-ins with Skype calls to provide support and accountability.

- Holistic wellness practices to implement into your daily life. 

With my guidance you can become your healthiest and happiest self both mentally and physically.