wellness escapes...


Imagine a trip devoted entirely to reigniting your passions, reenergizing your body, mind and soul and reconnecting with your inner self. That is exactly what we aim to accomplish with Holistically Wholesome Escapes .

We have put together the most holistically well-rounded experience possible so that you can get back to focusing on what truly matters – your health. We provide knowledgeable and caring leaders, incredible locations, fun but challenging workouts, meditation and mindfulness trainings, yoga practices, holistic nutrition workshops, healthy and nourishing meals with options to suit your specific dietary needs and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

We take inspiration from the cultures we are submerged in and incorporate local traditions and practices into our daily activities and offer the opportunity to experience new cultures through included excursions and activities. Whether you are an avid gym goer, a super flexible yogi or just someone who is starting out on their health and wellness journey – this experience is for you. We have designed our retreats to make everyone feel comfortable and supported and to allow you to reach your goals, grow into your highest potential and be your best self.

Our retreats are more than just a vacation – they are the catalyst for a better, healthier and more holistically balanced life..

Next retreat: Tulum, Mexico - more Info & tickets coming soon..