Okay supplements are kind of a grey area right?! There are so many to choose from, different formulas, different brands and every person and their mother seems to be taking something different. It’s confusing af, I get that and honestly social media makes it even HARDER to figure out what the right kind of supplement for you is because influencers are recommending different things left and right.

So what is the right choice?

The truth is that the “right” supplements are going to be different for everyone. We are all SO different, we live different lives, have different energy outputs and nutritional needs and have different digestion and absorption abilities. So there really isn’t a one size fits all answer when it comes to supplements (sorry to be the one to break that to ya) BUT that being said there are a couple of tips that I give to all women when they ask me about vitamins and supplements.

Consider these my supplement #PROTIPS ..

When it comes to women’s health there are a few things that we NEED to prioritize supplement wise. Our bodies are very different from men’s bodies (ok duh), so we obviously have VERY different nutrient requirements. And not only that we need different nutrients during different times of our lives, the 4 phases of our monthly menstrual cycles require specific nutrients, there are nutrients needed for pre, during and post pregnancy and don’t even get me started about menopause.. We actually have a lot that we need to be hyperaware of as women when it comes to our nutrition and vitamin/mineral levels!

It sounds like a lot to figure out, but don’t worry girls I gotchu.


  • Magnesium - helps to alleviate menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms and during pregnancy it helps to prevent morning sickness, headaches, constipation, muscle cramps, and even pre-eclampsia. AND 70% of women are not getting in the recommended amount of magnesium!

  • Calcium - major building block of bones, the requirement goes up significantly after menopause when bone density starts to decline due to lower estrogen levels.

  • Vitamin D - helps the body absorb calcium from the gut, in order to produce vitamin D our bodies need exposure to sunlight, which is not as strong in northern climates, it occurs in very few foods naturally so it needs to be supplemented year round and increased in the winter months.

  • Omega 3’s - helps to alleviate menstrual pain and PMS by reducing inflammation in the uterus, as well as maintain a regular heart rhythm, reduce blood pressure and lower blood fat levels.

  • Folate/Folic Acid - helps make red and white blood cells and is CRUCIAL for growth, especially in unborn babies. Folate helps prevent some birth defects, such as defects of the brain and spinal cord aka Neural Tube Defects (NTD’s)

  • B vitamins (B Complex) - critical to our health and well-being and most of us don’t get enough of them, the B vitamins work as a team to help regulate metabolism, produce serotonin, reduce PMS, reduce anxiety and depression, improve mood and memory and burn fat and glucose for energy!

  • Choline - helps with healthy hormones regulation, menopausal women have higher requirements because they have lower estrogen concentrations which makes them more susceptible to the risk of organ dysfunction. It is also crucial during pregnancy as it supports the healthy development of the baby and is needed for optimal health of both the nervous and endocrine system.

Okay I get it that’s A LOT of different supplements and you’re probably not going to go out and buy all of those and honestly I don’t even suggest doing that. I never want health to seem unattainable and let’s be real that shiz gets expensive, so I always recommend starting off simple with 1-2 things and increasing as you go.


If I could only recommend 1 thing that you start incorporating into your daily routine it would be MegaFood Baby & Me 2. It’s a pre and post natal multivitamin but the benefits go way beyond pregnancy - it can be taken at any age as a woman!

Some of the benefits are:

  • Contains FoodState Nutrients which are basically nutrients derived directly from real whole plant foods so they have the highest absorption and digestibility.

  • Contains 600 mcg of Folate to support the healthy development of your growing baby.

  • The Folate in Baby & Me 2 is delivered in the methylated form which is more readily utilized by many women.

  • Contains 100% or more of all 8 FoodState® B Vitamins for healthy energy and balanced mood, including B12 and B6 to accommodate the body's higher requirements during pregnancy.

  • Can be taken on an empty stomach which is great if you are pregnant, a mama or just if you have a sensitive stomach.

  • Contains choline which is often not found in prenatal formulas.

Just like with any new diet or supplement please check with your nutritionist, naturopath or doctor and do your own research before you start adding it into your routine!