I try not to complain during the summer because well it basically rains here the other 9 months of the year and I love all things summer (and hate all things winter) – I love the fresh fruit and veggies, I love how everyone is in the best mood, I love tan lines, I love the heat, I love it all. But it has been HOTTER THAN HOT here lately and while I’m still not complaining it is a little hard to deal with 24/7. It’s been the kind of hot that just makes you feel kind of sticky and like you can’t wear your hair down for longer than 5 minutes because #sweatyaf... yeah you get the idea. So with the hopes of staying as cool as possible I’ve come up with a couple of tricks that I have been doing every day to try and beat the heat.


  1. Stay hydrated - this is a no brainer but when you aren't hydrating properly your body actually can't produce as much sweat to cool you down or regulate your body temperature. 
  2. Make sure you're breathing - practicing slow deep breathing helps to calm down the nervous system and actually regulates body temperature.
  3. Eat spicy foods - eating spicy food increases blood circulation and makes you sweat so you’ll feel cooler once the sweat dries and the capsaicin in hot peppers encourages your body to sweat more without raising your body temperature.
  4. Make your own soothing peppermint mist - brew a pot of peppermint tea and then chill it in the fridge, once its ice cold pour it into a spray bottle and mist yourself frequently.
  5. Take cold showers - it's better for the environment, improves circulation and will help cool you down.
  6. Make a batch of home made iced tea to sip on - my favourite tea to use for this is Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea . 

Never heard of coffee leaf tea? It's a brand new concept that has a ton of benefits for your mind, body, the environment and the world - plus it tastes amazing and makes the perfect pitcher of iced tea with just one tea bag because it doesn't over steep if it's left too long or dilute in a larger amount of water! If you don't know, now you know


Coffee leaf tea is essentially exactly what the name states - it's tea made from the leaves of the coffee plant and packs a much smaller dose of caffeine than coffee itself. It gives you a clean caffeine effect with a subtle boost of energy and clarity (kind of like green tea) but it doesn’t disrupt the nervous system or give you that common spike then crash that caffeine from coffee or regular tea gives! Because the caffeine is so low the tea doesn't really raise cortisol either which if you know me you know that managing my cortisol is something I have been working on for a long time so thats a huge WIN for me!

It also contains mangiferin which is a rare active compound that is found in mangoes and has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years all over the world. Mangiferin has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties and has the potential to prevent and protect against high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer. Coffee leaves are also high in nitric-oxide which helps to dilate blood vessels, improves oxygen flow to the brain and lowers blood pressure! HELLO health benefits!


Remember when I said coffee leaf tea is good for the environment and the world? Yeah I wasn't kidding, the impact of using coffee leaves goes way beyond just being beneficial to your health.

Coffee is one of the worlds biggest growing industries, there are over 25 million coffee farmers worldwide and half a million of those farmers are from Nicaragua. Coffee farming is actually the biggest portion of the economy in Nicaragua and employs the most people out of any other industry, but the harvest season for coffee beans only lasts 3 months out of the year and leaves most of the farmers without any guaranteed work or income after the season is over. A large portion of the farmers actually uproot their entire lives and their families to migrate to and from the coffee farms before and after the season is over which leaves their children with no structure, no schooling and no time to think about their futures because they are constantly on the go. 

Not only do the farmers make the least amount of profit but they also take the most risk because they have to rely on so many different factors that are out of their control. The farmers grow and harvest the coffee beans but at that point the coffee is still green and not ready for consumption so they have to bring in a third party to roast, package and distribute it and THAT is where the real money is. Because of this, virtually all coffee farm owners in Nicaragua end up going bankrupt because the success is not in growing and producing the coffee beans but in processing and selling them to the western world.

What Wize Monkey wanted to find out was if there was a way to turn this 3 month per year industry into something that can sustain itself year round to try and help improve the lives of the farmers, improve the economy of Nicaragua as a whole and empower the farmers to look forward to the future instead of constantly worrying about where their work will come from when the coffee season ends - and they are doing just that! 

Three years ago Wize Monkey partnered with a local Nicaraguan coffee farmer who’s farm has been in his family for generations to supply them with the coffee leaves.


They are basically tapping into a completely unexplored market which literally gives the farmers unlimited potential to grow this into a successful and thriving industry, make a name for themselves and have a sustained income year round instead of 3 month per year business. This is  ultimately going to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people forever. 

Wize Monkey has already been able to give stable jobs to over 100 people in Nicaragua who would normally have no work during the off season. The income that the farmers are making allows their family to actually settle down and plant some roots and helps their kids stay in school.

Wize Monkey is dedicated to changing the coffee industry for the better and helping the coffee farmers of the world actually thrive and I don't know about you but I personally am 100% on board with this concept and everything that they are doing. And as if I needed another reason to completely resonate with everything about this company, they’re also local to me. That’s right - the coffee is grown, cultivated and processed in Nicaragua and then flown to my sweet home town of Vancouver, BC to be packaged and shipped.



1 Wize Monkey earl grey coffee leaf tea bag

1 cup frozen blackberries

1 lemon - juiced

2 cups of ice

5 cups of boiling water


1. Steep your tea bag in a the boiling water in a large pitcher for 30 minutes then place in the fridge until chilled - about 30 more minutes. 

2. In a bowl, thaw 2/3 of the frozen blackberries then mash with a fork.

3. When the tea is steeped, add the juice of the lemon, mashed blackberries, remaining frozen blackberries and ice and stir until combined. 

4. Serve and chill out!


xo - LU