Everyone loves a vacation - no work, no routine, no alarm clock, new places, lots of good food and drinks, maybe not as much exercise as usual and just living your best life and enjoying yourself as much as possible - heck yes count me in! The thing with vacations though is if you don't know how to balance all of the indulging and enjoying they might throw you off your usual healthy game - but they don't have to..

Two weekends ago Mike and I went away to wine country for my birthday for 3 days and 3 nights, and as I'm sure you can imagine it was glorious. We enjoyed each other's company, reconnected as a couple, relaxed, ate good food, drank wine (duh), slept in and didn't "workout" once - and I managed to come back with zero weight gained, no bloat, no "puffiness", no new acne, no post vacay hangover and no regrets. You're probably thinking to yourself "okay but that's only 3 days what if you go away for a week or more?" Well I went to Mexico for 8 days in November and still came back feeling and looking exactly the same as I did when I left.. Want to know how I manage to stay healthy while still indulging and enjoying my vacation every single time? DUH of course you do! I didn't even need to ask, but I did - in fact I took a poll on my instagram when I was away and 100% of you said that you wanted me to share all of my tips and tricks to staying healthy on vacation. 

Well ask and you shall receive my friends - let's get into it. 


  1. Keep up your usual mentality - There are certain daily mental routines that I will never skip, one of which is my morning and evening meditation. I like to bring my favourite crystal with me whenever I go away, it's small and portable and it reminds me to stay grounded and makes me feel at home during my meditation.
  2. Pick easy parts of your routine to stick to - Regardless of where I am or what I'm doing I always drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning before any food, coffee or anything else. Lemon water turns alkaline in the body which helps to balance Ph, it also improves digestion, helps remove toxins and is detoxifying - which is especially good for if you're drinking or indulging!
  3. Bring easy to pack staples from your usual diet - I always pack to-go packages of Vital Proteins collagen coconut creamer so that I can have my usual bulletproof coffee every morning as well as to-go packs of their original collagen peptides so I can add a boost of protein to any meal or drink if I'm on the go! I also pack my favourite protein bars (RXBAR & GoMacro to name a couple) so I know I have a nutritious snack on hand, individual packs of hemp hearts and chia seeds as well as individual nut butter packages to make a quick breakfast or snack if I don't have any other options that work for my dietary needs!
  4. Walk as much as possible - You don't have to have access to a gym for your vacation to stay active, as I said I didn't work out once this weekend and I lived to tell the tail. When I'm on vacation I walk everywhere that I possibly can, it's a good way to actually see the town or city you're staying in, it gets your heart rate up, your blood flowing and burns fat and calories aka makes room for more food and wine!
  5. Pack your usual supplements - I'm not saying pack your favourite tub of protein powder but if you take any vitamins, minerals, mushrooms, herbs, etc. it's important to bring those along with you because your body is used to taking them and going off of them cold turkey for a week and then starting them back up again can result in imbalances, deficiencies and fatigue from stopping them as well as indigestion, nausea and bloating from reintroducing them. 
  6. Start your day with something nourishing and high in nutrients as well as protein, healthy fats and fiber - If you start your day with a nourishing and balanced meal that is high in nutrients from fruits and veggies then you can feel confident if your choices later in the day are a little more indulgent because you already pumped your body full of vitamins and minerals. The protein and fats will help keep you full and the fiber will help keep your digestion on point and your trips to the bathroom regular which is something that a lot of people struggle with while on vacation.
  7. If you have access to a kitchen try to do the majority or at least some of the cooking yourself - not only is this easier on your wallet because cooking is always cheaper than going out to eat but it is also easier on your digestion and your waistline because you know exactly what is going into your food and are more likely to make healthier choices! We made wild local salmon tacos with home made mango guac and home made pico de gallo one night and they were way better than any restaurant tacos could have been!
  8. If you are eating out for most meals try to choose familiar foods for at least one meal - My go to is to find a smoothie bar and make my own. I always do a leafy green, chia seeds or flax if they have it, a healthy fat source or 2, unsweetened almond milk, vegan protein and half of a banana - make sure you tell them you only want half because a lot of places add 1-2 whole bananas and that is a glucose and insulin nightmare and a sugar crash waiting to happen!
  9. Pack digestive enzymes - these are CRUCIAL for travelling! If you have never used digestive enzymes before basically what they do is increase the amount of digestive enzymes that are already in the body to help the body absorb more nutrients and improve gut health. They help digestion (duh) which reduces bloating, keeps you regular and prevents any cramping or discomfort that you most likely usually feel when you eat something a not in your normal diet!
  10. Stay hydrated - whether you are drinking alcohol or not, if you are eating foods and doing things that your body isn't used to there is a good chance that your digestion might get a little backed up so it's important to drink tons of water to help flush out your system and move everything along!
  11. Close your day with something cleansing - I'm not one to party so I'm always back to my hotel or B&B by a decent time to unwind and chill because that's what I enjoy. This weekend I had a bath, meditated and sipped on lemon ginger tea every night before we watched a movie!
  12. Don't stress and just enjoy yourself - This one is honestly the most important of them all !! I always get clients messaging me so stressed out about going away or straying from their routine even the smallest bit and the truth is whether you follow these tips or not I can promise you that your life will not end because you went a little off track for a week. But if you obsess and stress your entire vacation over every single thing that you put in your mouth I can almost guarantee you that you probably won't enjoy yourself or your vacation to the fullest! Remember, memories over calories ALWAYS!

I hope that you find these tips helpful and easy to implement on your next vacation and if you do try them I'd love to hear how they helped you - you can always comment on this post directly, message me on Instagram or use the hashtag #holisticallywholesome so I can find your posts!

xo - LU