Did my startup business just become a real business overnight? Holy shit..

A couple of weeks ago I decided to offer my personalized plan package at a promo price for the start of the month so I made a posting on all of my social media platforms and assumed I’d get a couple of hits on it but nothing too major. And then shit hit the fan.. I got so many messages and inquiries that I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself at first. If you’re interested in what exactly I classify as shit hitting the fan, lets just say that for 5 days my phone did not stop going off for longer than 5 minutes and as I’m sure you can guess I was a little bit (okay a lot) overwhelmed because this has never happened before. The response was huge, I would wake up to countless emails, messages and requests and I would go to sleep to the same, my eyes physically hurt from staring at my phone and laptop for so long every single day (first world problems right?) – it got to a point where my family was actually telling me I needed to hire an assistant – oh yeah my two month old start up business needs a assistant.. I don’t think so. An assistant (or any employee) is not in the picture right now for a couple of reasons; first, I definitely don’t think adding another persons salary into the mix is a smart business move for me this early on and two, I’m kind of a control freak and this business is my baby so I’m not really ready to give any of the responsibility away yet!

So after about 48 hours I realized that the interest was not slowing down and decided that I needed a system. I figured that I could sit there and be overwhelmed or I could get to work and I’m not one to sit around so I went at it hard. I manually put every single person into an excel spreadsheet with their full name, email, date they contacted me, interest level and whether or not they had purchased a plan or if they were in the process of it, I also put everything on paper and wrote reminders in my schedule for when to follow up with everyone who had not yet purchased. It took a couple days of full on grinding to get organized but I did it fully on my own without the help of anyone and I felt SO accomplished! It’s not a walk in the park being your own boss, bookkeeper, secretary, assistant, etc etc etc but it is so fulfilling and so damn worth it.

I think that when it comes to deciding to work with an online coach people are drawn to me because of the passion I openly have for every single thing I do in this business. I will never complain about being busy or working long hours because I know that I am helping better my clients lives and that it’s in turn helping to grow my empire and that is what keeps me going even when I’m overwhelmed and exhausted (and my eyes hurt). I make a conscious effort to always be available for my clients whether it’s to answer their questions, check in on them or to give the that extra push they need – they know that they can message me whenever and I will get back to them as son as I can! I know that they’re counting on me to be there for them when they need me and honestly every single one of them is absolutely killing it and that makes it all worth it.

Something else that I do that I think sets me apart is I try to develop an actual relationship with all of my girls, I make sure that they trust me and feel comfortable coming to me with anything and everything. I want to get to know them on a personal level and not just as a customer, because they’re so much more than that to me! I make sure that they all know that I will never judge them for falling off track and that I’m always here for them whether its to cry, vent or celebrate their accomplishments.

I’m honestly getting a little emotional writing this because every single one of them inspires me so much every single day and the fact that they chose me and trust me enough to lead them on this journey is the biggest honour. They allow me to live out my dream and passions with so much freedom and for that I am so grateful.

If you have passion and drive the success will follow, attracting people or “customers” is not only about knowing your business, its about loving your business and what you do. As long as you have a vision and you work towards it every day you will be successful I can basically promise you that!

So I’m two weeks into being the busiest I’ve ever been in my life and I am loving every minute of it. I’m still getting daily inquiries and I’ve been pumping out plans left right and centre and it feels amazing, it’s actually pretty surreal to me that 2.5 months ago I was working in a corporate gym absolutely miserable and struggling to pay my bills and now I’m working by myself and for myself and actually getting ahead financially.


I have room for a few more clients before the month ends so if you want to work with me ad get started on your goals hit CONTACT and send me a message!

xo -LU