I don’t think that I have to explain again how stressful, scary and hectic (all of the above) being your own boss can be (and usually is) at first. Honestly at first it really is (for lack of a better term) quite literally a shit show.. As I’m sure you’ve all come to realize, I’m not one to sugar coat things and I’m definitely not going to pretend I have it all figured out… because I most definitely do not. BUT I am starting to learn a few things through trial and error and I wanted to share them with you fine peeps because thats what friends do. I know I’m too kind you guys can thank me later but for now lets get down to business.

#1 Write. Shit. Down. 

I’m talking anything and everything that is or could be important one day (I’m not kidding). When you’re building your own business (empire) things can get a little bit.. well to keep it PG let’s just say insane, especially if your business has some form of clientele to cater to. From scheduling meetings, client sessions and phone calls to coming up with new business ideas to remembering details about your clients you’re going to have a lot of stuff to remember and at the end of the day you’re only one human trying to keep track of what can feel like 10000 things. So write it all down – take notes on your life, on things that happen and on things that you want to make happen. You’ll thank me later! This brings me to my next tip..

#2 Get a Planner

I am not exaggerating when I say that my day planner saves my life at least once a week. I’m constantly running around – from a client session to a class then back to another client session and then home to follow up with clients or work on/send out plans to new clients or to god knows where for one of my 900 other errands I end up having to run on a daily basis. My planner keeps me in check, end of story. A few things you want to look for when you’re getting a planner are; big enough spaces for each day of the week so that you can write multiple things and times, small enough to fit in your purse but big enough so that you don’t loose it (may god help us all), something inspirational on the front never hurts either – mine says “Like a Boss” because duh.

Also PLEASE for the love of all that is holy – transfer your appointments into your phone or google calendar or something else to back it up because if you loose this bad boy we’re all screwed.

#3 Keep Your At Home Work Space CLEAN! 

Okay I’ll be honest with you I used to be one of those throw everything in a drawer and worry about when you need it in a month kind of people. BUT ever since starting my own business and taking control of my life I’ve realized that that is not even remotely a system it’s a shit show and your work life reflects your actual life and no one wants their life to be a shit show (at least I hope not).  A few things to keep in mind when organizing your work space are; a large surface desk so for the times when it gets a little crazy you can still see where everything is, some sort of filing cabinet or drawer will be your bff – I’m not kidding this will blow your organizational mind it makes everything so easy to find it’s crazy, also the obvious highlighters, pens, etc.

#4 Have Some Form of Release

I don’t care if it’s meditating, jogging, writing, baking, cooking, cleaning, juggling or salsa dancing – whatever it is that makes you completely calm down and able to shut out the stress for a while do that and do it daily. Working for yourself while balancing everything else life already throws at us is no joke, it’s going to get tough and when it does you’re going to want something that makes you a little less crazy even if it’s just for an hour and quite frankly if you don’t want to do it for yourself then do it for your friends and family because from experience you’ll feel like a pretty big asshole (sorry) if you take it out on them. For me it’s the gym, I know that if I’m working out that is a garaunteed 1.5 hours of pure escape. I purposely don’t check or answer any texts or messages and I just live in the moment and focus on my workout and it works every time.

#5 Give Yourself a Break Sometimes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; we are only human and we can only do so much. I don’t mean a break as in time off (although that is important too) I mean try not to be too hard on yourself. It’s human nature to pick out our flaws and mistakes all day every day but what we don’t do often enough is actually commend ourselves for what we’re doing right instead of picking apart what we are doing  wrong. I can almost garauntee that if you’re reading this it means that you’re doing the best you can and you’re just trying to improve yourself which is more than enough!

#6 Have a Designated Time or Day Off

You thought I was just going to briefly mention this? No way. When you start to work for yourself and build your business you can get a little wrapped up in wanting to pour everything you have into it and sometimes we forget that we have other things in life that need our attention. I personally don’t schedule clients on weekends, I actually never really have requests for weekend sessions so this works out really well for me – my boyfriend has a Monday to Friday job and so do most of my friends so I just find that this works best for my lifestyle because I can actually make time for my people! I work extremely hard Monday-Friday, my clients are one of my biggest priority so I’m constantly making sure they have everything they need to succeed and I love what I do, but we all need a day off (or two) and this is what works for me and I suggest you find what works for you!

So make your lists, get organized, condense what you need to do and get to it and then take time for what is important in your life outside of working hard and kicking ass.

Girl bossin’ ain’t easy but it’s so damn worth it.

xo -LU