I know what you’re probably all thinking after last weeks post; what the heck is this girl going to do now? How is she going to make money? She did not think this through.

All are valid points, all are things that definitely crossed my mind multiple (try a thousand) times in the first few days but none of them have actually been an issue for me thus far. I’m sure you want to know how that could be possible when we live in such a money driven corporate dominant world right? Well then let me explain..

Okay at first yes I was terrified BUT once I just took a step back, looked at the bigger picture and realized that I have something to offer that could really change people lives for the better I realized exactly how to go about this new found business venture of mine. The trick to being a successful entrepreneur is not knowing exactly how to run a business or having it all figured out or being financially stable enough to launch said business or anything like that, it’s quite simple actually all you have to do is; find a common problem that people face everyday and then find a solution to it and market it.

The answer to my problem was right in front of me! With obesity rates at an all time high and the entire populations health diminishing as a whole more and more every single day due to unhealthy lifestyle habits – the demand and soon to be need for nutrition and fitness coaching is rapidly growing. People are developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes as early as 10 years old, the obesity rate now exceeds 35% in all American’s and for some reason none of this evidence is enough to actually make people change their ways. The only thing that really motivates people to start a lifestyle change is seeing other peoples real life changes and results from doing so, we are an image driven society there are no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

So my next questions was how do I make this image driven population see that I have an actual solution to their largely increasing problem? I have to show them what I can do duh. I know that when people physically see a person’s results (i.e. progress pics, etc) they are almost 10x more likely to try and find out exactly how the person did it so that they can get the same results. I know that people want to be told exactly what they have to do (and can’t do) to get to a certain goal. I know that reaching out (with no intention of selling) to likeminded people who are already interested in whatever your business caters to is key – the more connections the better. AND I know that changing even one persons life through my business is the ultimate marketing tool because once they have seen results they will tell everyone who asks them how they did it and my name will be at the top of their how-to list. My ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible turn their lives around and become healthy and in turn I know that eventually the success will follow..

Aside from marketing yourself correctly and knowing how to change people lives with whatever it is you cater to, to be successful at anything you also have to have a strong why. What I mean by that is you have to know exactly why you started doing this and exactly why you want to continue to do it every day! If you don’t have a strong why then you will have nothing to come back to when things get hard and you feel like giving up, your why is your safety net in a way so before anything else you need to decide what that is, write it down and revisit it often.

My why; I became a trainer and am now in school to become a nutritionist because as most young girls do I struggled with finding my way when it came to self love and I turned to health and fitness as a way to find the balance between how I looked and how I felt about myself and ultimately found that when I am exercising, eating clean and treating my body properly I feel the most empowered and I want to share this feeling with as many people as possible. I want to take the negative image that often surrounds fitness and turn it into a positive one, far too often I hear that my clients reasoning for exercising is because they hate their bodies or someone else told them that they should make a change because of how they look. I want people to come to me because they want to feel good, eat good and live good, for the rest of their lives. Plain and simple..

The key to success is honestly just believing that you will be successful, if you question whether or not you have what it takes then those thoughts will consume you. You have to want it, you have to know that you can do it and you have to tell yourself everyday that it is okay to fail because one day you will be thriving because of the risks you take NOW.

If you want something more than a 9-5 “job” in this lifetime then stop putting it off and start working towards it every damn day, your future self will thank you. I promise.

xo -LU