There’s no denying it life can be CRAZY sometimes (maybe more often than not). Especially the whole – trying to work multiple jobs, do well in school and have a social life all while trying to find your path and decide what you want to do to actually make something of yourself – 20 something year old life. Am I right? (I know that I am). We see people our age every day via social media, tv, magazines etc and they seem to have it SO good. They look like they have it all figured out like it all just fell into place and was so easy for them and we think “how can I do that for myself?” or “I want their life” but why would we want to be anything other than ourselves? The cold hard truth is people want EASY, people want to be financially comfortable, stable and successful but they do not want to have to work hard for it. If you’re reading this and think “yup that sounds like me” then I’m sorry to have to be the one to break it to you but success does not come easily.

I can almost guarantee that most of the people that you look up to did not just have their lives and successes handed to them. Yes there are exceptions to the rules (hello Kardashian/Jenner family) but most of the time people that we look up to actually had to work for what they have! It’s a crazy concept, I know. They started at the bottom once too and believe it or not they probably put in countless long hours, cried many tears because of how hard it was and gave up lots of opportunities in their personal life to make their goals a reality. THAT is how you become successful. You have to want your goals more than you want to spend your weekends out with friends, more than you want to be a “normal” 20 something year old and even more so you have to not be afraid to fail (because you will, we all do.)

So how do we juggle it all? How can we possibly maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, workout, get enough sleep and be an entrepreneur all at the same time?? The answer is actually quite simple and you’re probably all going to think to yourselves “really?” but.. You just do it. It’s just like that quote goes “You don’t find the time, you make the time.” Yes, you are going to have to grind your ass off and yes you are going to absolutely hate it sometimes because you will be exhausted and let’s face it who really wants to come home from their full time job to work on their full time goals every single day? Not too many people I can tell you that much for sure. What I can also tell you is it does get better, it turns into less of a chore after a while, you get used to it and you even look forward to it because EVENTUALLY you start to watch your hard work begin to pay off for yourself and you start to see your goals actually take off.

I am a newly certified trainer, I have a full time job and I am about to get a second job for financial reasons, I have a boyfriend, I have family and friends, I just bought a condo, I am currently training for a Bikini Competition in November, I eat 6 meals a day, I workout 6x a week and I am an entrepreneur. When I get home at the end of the day do I always want to hop on my computer and answer emails and work on my future business? Hell no! Does that mean that I make excuses and I don’t do it? HELL NO. I have so many goals that I want to accomplish in the next year let alone in the next 5 years and THAT is what pushes me.

Everyone has a lot going on, everyone is busy and everyone has goals, mine are no different from yours or anyone else. The only difference is how I choose to tackle them every day, so I am going to give you a few of my favourite tips and tricks of the grind:

1. Get a Planner

-Not only is this a good place to keep goal and to do lists but writing things down holds us accountable.

2. Make a Schedule

– Write everything that you want to accomplish this week down on paper and stick to it.


– I’ve said it before and I’l say it again; meal prep saves lives.

4. Get Enough Sleep Every Night

– You can’t tackle the world if you’re always exhausted.

5. Find What Motivates You and Run With It

– Whether it’s like minded people on social media or revisiting your goals, find a few things that really turn your mood around when you’re feeling down and always go back to them for support.

6. Embrace it!

– Not everything goes according to plan and good things take time. Embrace the journey and just learn to enjoy every single step because one day you’ll look back successful af and this will all have been worth it.

7. Coffee..

– Okay no I’m kidding.. Well partially. Some days you’re going to need caffeine to get it all done and that’s perfectly normal. I’m not going to judge, in fact I’m totally with ya!


Finally, go easy on yourself. You’re human, you’re trying and you’re doing a damn good job. One day it will all be worth it, I promise. Never stop grinding!



– LU