I'm sure by now you've probably seen someone somewhere on the internet using a tongue scraper and if you haven't then you need to climb out from the rock you're living under and get with the times. It's probably one of the most underrated tools out there and if I'm being bold (what else is new) it's basically going to change your life - no joke. I'll just come right out and say that if you haven't already run to your nearest health store (or amazon) to pick one up then you need to get on it.. like NOW. And if that wasn't enough convincing then read on because I have some serious tongue scraping knowledge for you.


If you're new to the whole tongue scraping thing then I should give you a bit of a backstory. Tongue scraping has been around for hundreds of years, it originated as part of Ayurveda which is the traditional Hindu system of medicine and is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems! In Ayurveda tongue scraping is a way to remove the Ama or toxins from your mouth which helps to bring balance to the body.



Okay hands up if you have ever brushed your tongue with your tooth brush... be honest. We've all done it and we have all probably at one time or another thought of this to be totally sufficient away of cleaning our tongues and freshening up our mouths. Well I hate to be the one to break it to you but it's actually not doing anything for you or your mouth. A toothbrush is designed to clean the solid structure of our teeth and not the flexible surface of our tongue while a tongue scraper actually dislodges bacteria and any left over food residue that may be lingering and causing tooth decay and your breath and mouth to be a little less than kissable. 


In Ayurveda, proper digestion is the core of all health, it is the practice of nourishing our body's and our souls. Tongue scraping cleanses our tastebuds and enhances our taste which is the first stage of digestion. The taste of food triggers enzymes that make saliva and start to break down and digest food long before it enters the stomach or GI tract.


Different areas of the tongue are associated with different organ systems like the lungs, heart, kidneys, intestines, liver, etc and a white or yellow coating on the tongue is a direct indication of the presence of toxins in those organs as well as on the tongue itself. Tongue scraping removes these toxins from the tongue and stimulates and cleanses the organs and tissues associated with the area.


As I said the tongue is a direct reflection of the health of almost all of our vital organs and can tell us if there are any imbalances or reoccurring toxins that we need to focus on!


Okay so in traditional Ayurvedic practice tongue scrapers are generally made from copper and I don't know if they just had no idea about copper toxicity back then but I'm not really into putting copper in my mouth twice a day every day. So that being said, I use and recommend stainless steel tongue scrapers to all of my clients because it contains less allergens, is easy to clean and is very durable so it will last you a long time. I love these ones  they're super affordable, good quality and they come in. 2-pack so you will never be without a tongue scraper again - win win WIN.

*PLEASE NOTE: In the picture I'm holding a BPA free plastic scraper because my most recent stainless steel one suffered an untimely death and I am waiting for my new ones to arrive and couldn't just not scrape my tongue..*


It's pretty straight forward but I'll lay it out for you exactly how I do it just in case you're confused! I like to tongue scrape twice a daybefore I brush my teeth in the morning right when I wake up and at night before bed. In the morning I do it after I have oil pulled and at night I do it after I have flossed (both before I brush my teeth). On a side note, I'd love to say that I floss in the morning and at night but you guys know that I am brutally honest and in the spirit of never bullshitting you I'll just come right out and say that I almost always only remember to floss at night. So judge me if you want but just remember that I'm the one explaining tongue scraping to you here so who's really to judge.. kidding.

Okay I've officially given you every reason to step your oral game up (holy sh*t that sounded dirty) so it's time to hop on the tongue scraping train and rock your mouth's world.

xo - LU